Frequently Asked Questions

How should I cite Aether or the associated website/paper?

If you use Aether or its associated resources, you should cite the paper:

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Will you add support for cloud provider X?

Our immediate goal is continue extending support for AWS and Azure - the most widely used cloud services - and improving Aether core features. However, we may eventually add support for other cloud platforms. Follow the project on GitHub to track updates. If you have added support for a cloud provider that you use, consider filing an issue or submitting a pull request on GitHub.

How can I contribute to Aether?

We always welcome contributions. If you would like to request a new feature, file a bug report, or have questions about documentation, you may want to file an issue on our GitHub issues page. If you do file an issue, please read our contribution guidelines, and use the issue template provided here. Finally, if you have used Aether in your work, please let us know. We are always excited to hear about how Aether is being applied!