Filing Bug Reports, Contributions, and Feature Requests

Whether you need to report a bug, suggest new features, or give us feedback, make sure to follow the instructions on this page. This will allow us to respond as quickly as possible.

Bug Reports

If you should encounter a bug, please follow the instructions below for reporting. The more detailed and reproducible you example is, the more quickly it can be fixed.

  • Ensure that your code is up-to-date by pulling the latest code from GitHub.
  • Check if anyone else has reported the same bug. If a similar bug has been reported, make sure to mention this in your report.
  • Include important information for reproducing the bug, like your operating system, your version of python, etc.
  • Although it is not always possible, it is helpful if you can provide a script to exactly reproduce this bug.
  • If you fixed the bug, please consider submitting a pull request with the change.
  • If possible, use the bug label for the GitHub issue.
  • Finally, use the template for issues and reports located here.

Feature Requests

If you think there is a feature that would greatly improve functionality or usability, consider filing an issue for it on GitHub. A good feature request will answer the following questions:

  • What is this feature and how is it used?
  • Is this feature useful for most users? Why?
  • Should this be a feature (i.e., fully integrated into the main code base) or an add-on?
  • If possible, use the enhancement label for the GitHub issue.
  • Lastly, follow the template for issues found here.

Documentation Questions

If documentation is unclear, please file an issue on GitHub, but follow these instructions:

  • Make sure to follow the the proper protocol for filing issues as listed above, but, if possible, use the question label for the GitHub issue.
  • As with any issue, use the template for filing GitHub issues found here.